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British Seafarers is a non-profit organisation run by current, aspiring and previously serving seafarers, shore side personnel and other volunteers whose aim is to create an online base for all those who work in the industry, or those who wish to join it.

We’re the only website which is a dedicated community for the modern British Merchant Navy and its future.

The website started as a Facebook Page in 2012, and has since grown substantially, with over 8,500 dedicated members as of January 2016.
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Our key aim is to provide for discussion and news regarding issues in the industry, as well as a place where newcomers may ask questions for our community to answer and hopefully, become active members in our ever growing member base.

The site features:

Community Forum: Where those interested in a career at sea or those who are already involved in the industry may create discussion.

Sea Careers: Promotes the Merchant Navy as a career, and works in conjunction with all Nautical Colleges, Societies and individual persons to pursue this goal.

Maritime News: This contains daily reports which features the latest news in the British maritime sector, as well as the global industry. We also update our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube pages daily, so that you can keep track of the news wherever you may be.

Industry Events: From college open days to society meetings, we ask and are delighted to help those who wish to post their event free of charge. There is no limit to the number of adverts. All we ask in return is that you spread the word and give credit where it is due!

We welcome and request user input into the website, and ask anyone who is interested in the cause to join us and help make the British online maritime community stronger.

Thank you for visiting the website.


What is the Merchant Navy?

The Merchant Navy is the name given to the fleet of commercial ships registered to Great Britain, although the title ‘Merchant Navy’ also refers to the worldwide commercial fleet.

Unlike the Royal Navy, the Merchant Navy is a commercial force, made up of ships of all kinds of size and purpose. The Merchant Navy transports everything that forms part of our daily lives, from clothes to computers and even some of our food.
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Over 95% of Britain’s imports and exports are transported by ever-expanding container ships, car carriers and oil tankers as well as cruise ships and ferries, built for our own comfort.

The British Merchant Navy employs around 12,000 active seafarers, with many others involved in shore side operations.

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